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Responsible Balloon Retailers are certified by The Balloon Council as those who actively promote smart balloon use. Care needs to be taken when using any product, including one as joyous as a balloon, and these retailers are responsible, making sure that their customers have the information they need to responsibly enjoy their balloons.

Several years ago, along with its Smart Balloon Practices campaign TBC created a Responsible Balloon Retailer network–a consumer strategy for balloon ethics. TBC made a decision to address industry challenges positively and proactively. TBC objective is to educate and promote FUN use of balloons in RESPECT to the environment. To become a Responsible Balloon Retailer, fill out the form below. After filling out the form, Responsible Balloon Retailers will be sent a window decal and care cards.

As a Responsible Balloon Retailer, I promise to:

  • Include a weight with all foil balloons I sell
  • Never attach metallic ribbon to helium-filled balloons
  • Refrain from tying helium-filled foil balloons together to prevent clustering
  • Ask about latex allergies when selling latex balloons
  • Educate customers about smart balloon practices
  • Never releases foil balloons.
  • Always supervise young children, and don’t allow them to play with deflated balloons.
  • Properly dispose of balloons. Cut balloons with scissors directly above the knot or sealing point and immediately place in trash containers.

If you see retailers with RBR decals in their window who do not practice the above code of smart practices, please call 800-233-8887.

Become a Responsible Balloon Retailer! Complete the form below.


I agree with the above statements and will act in
accordance with the Responsible Balloon Retailer guidelines.

Click here for downloadable ads, buttons, bookmarks, press materials and more to distribute to customers with their balloon purchase and to promote your involvement in the Responsible Balloon Retailer program.

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