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The Balloon Council is committed to keeping you informed on important issues that impact the balloon business. Read the latest updates related to the status of the helium supply, legislation affecting the helium supply and Federal Helium Reserve, and other issues impacting the industry.

Federal Helium Reserve Update, Oct. 2, 2013: President signs Helium Stewardship Act of 2013; action from Congress and President avoids shutdown of the helium reserve and disruption of the helium market.

Read an Op-Ed from the Balloon Council published on CNN.com that puts the temporary helium shortage in perspective. [ READ MORE ]

Helium Market Analysis Webinar

The Balloon Council presented an analysis of the helium market from a report by J.R. Campbell & Associates, a market research firm specializing in international industrial, medical, and specialty gases businesses. The webinar and PowerPoint are available for view and download.

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